At 10 years old, Melissa was given a Mrs. Fields recipe book, thus sparking a lifelong love and passion for baking. As a child she looked for any excuse to bake! Her favorite recipe was “Blue Ribbon chocolate chip.”

Working in the restaurant business since she was 16 years old, Melissa knew she wanted to study patisserie. She was warned repeatedly that she could never be financially successful if she went this route. Despite this, fate continued to bring her back to her true passion.

2011 was a turning point for Melissa. She baked a 5-layer Neapolitan cake with strawberry filling and homemade buttercream frosting. She brought it into work and was thrilled to hear her colleagues praise as they eagerly forked more cake into their mouths. This experience sparked even more excitement and motivation in Melissa. She became more adventurous and began experimenting with new ingredients and recipes, knowing her coworkers were more than willing to be her guinea pigs!

Slowly but surely, Melissa created quite a following. More and more people expressed interest and soon after, orders were rolling in. Melissa was soon creating custom fondant-covered birthday cakes, wedding cakes, crafting cookies for baby showers, and making anything from cupcakes to cake pops to all kinds of dipped treats for other special events.
Lil Miss Sweets was officially a business!

Melissa loves what she does and anyone that has ever tasted her knock-your-socks-off cakes or mouth watering cookies can attest to that. She uses only the finest and freshest ingredients and is dedicated to providing her clients with beautiful and delicious confections.